Lightning growth of nDEX Network community and support

nDEX Network now start walking. last week we update our website. Now its full functional. End of month we will publish our white-paper as we told before. Its time to talk about some serious matter.

We are some ambitious people want to build a strong community powered blockchain based startup. We choose to make or establish a good decentralized exchange. We are analyzing about many technology, protocol blah-blah. Be straight, we are not building a science project or we are not compitting with those high profile innovators.

Its simple- we want to establish a user friendly, fast and secure trust-less decentralized exchange.

After getting overwhelming support from community, we decide not to waste a single moment for such experiment. We want to start building our pre defined DEX structure, which is combinations of some existing, running and successful DEX on market. Some new feature will be included our DEX.

Dear community, from the beginning we have tried to keep our word for trust and better future together. We are trying hard to build nDEX Network. As we told before, we are not Seychelles people.

To start a potential/legal business need a business license and getting license from Seychelles to operate a global business is very flexible. Seychelles rules and regulations are very flexible for foreign investment. We have already applied for license. When we will get, we publish details about all you want to know.

We published our updated road map on our website last week and we are strict our plan.

Now we expect more support from community. nDEX Network need a small portion from your reserve and we promise — you will not lose for supporting us. If we invest few in so called marketing and hire some people ( known developers and advisers), its will be much more profitable ICO’s for us. At finally loser will be the majority of community- specially small investors. We don’t want to lose you and never want your loss. We want to build a win-win business mechanism and that’s why we capped our token (NDX) sale per wallet.

We also lowered our token (NDX) price for mass community involvement. Community buying or investing NDX without panic or fear to lose big.

Again my request to community, we want your support -yes this support is for correction, strength, stability and growth. Please share your opinion, comments, critics and whatever you want to say-write, do.

Join our airdrop and pre-sale:

Let us grow together.

nDEX Network

Next Generation Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange

Palm Street, Victoria, Seychelles