Thrill platform – When traveling becomes an adventure

Thrill is blockchain based platform providing travellers, communtory, hotels, bifes, restaurants and online content providers, a simple, yet effective solution for their business

ICObuzz is excited to introduce you Thrill platform – project run by a young team from Slovenia, Europe.

How does Thrill platform work?

Thrill platform consists of THREE different parts: Thrill Travel, Thrill View and Thrill Adventure.Each part of platform is self sustainable, but can be simply connected with other parts of platform.

1. Thrill Travel

As we all know, today’s payment system is not the most convenient for both public transportation companies, as well as users. Some simply never buy tickets, which result in huge loss for companies’ overtime; some forget them or the tourists and elderly people are often left confused because the process of ticker purchase differs from company to company and countries.

One of the many features of the platform will be Thrill Travel. This unique feature will allow users to make payments for travelling as simple and fast as possible without confusion. This will be achieved with our app, where every single individual will be able to buy tickets for buses, trains, trams or even planes. Most importantly, the system will be focused on a smartphone app as opposed to normal cards or tickets which are often lost, stolen or forgotten.

2. Thrill View

Getting paid is one of the biggest problems content creators are facing in every day life. Thrill platform will be focused mainly on the user experience, simplicity and fast payments or transactions. Platform is not only focused on already popular creators but also on smaller ones since sections of the platform will be divided in a way that content creators with decent posts are gaining reputation.

Thrill app will be the next big move as far as social media is concerned. People will be able to share their experiences travelling via blogs, vlogs or pictures. This is next big thing because every QR code comes with its own “package”, which includes your travelling location. This way, fake posts will be completely eliminated and users will be able to enjoy in genuine posts.

3. Thrill Adventure

The third feature on our platform will be Thrill adventure. The base of it is going to be a 2D map, which will consist of all tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels in connection with our project, where our tokens will be used as a payment method for reservations and different kinds of services.

With a simple click on the attractions icon, users will be able to access all information about it, as well as the reservation and service prices. Content creators work will also be accessible this way, but the accessibility will depend on their subscription settings.

Thrill View – Alpha version

In just 19 days, Thrill platform team will release Alpha version of their Thrill View App – it will be available on GooglePlay and web browsers. However, Alpha version will just be a showcase of Thrill platform features, without any practical use.

Find out more on their official website by clicking HERE.